About DHM

You are here because you’re special. Well, you’re special to US.

Double Helix Media LLC is a Commercial Production Company that specializes in visual presentation.
We are here to cater to your specific needs. No muss no fuss, ask us and we’ll take care of it for you.

Have you ever gone somewhere and felt like you weren’t being heard? Have you been in the position that you were being asked questions by your service provider that you thought they should know the answers to? They offer so many services, but you needed just one?

We offer video, but we’re capable of more. You just sit back and let us drive.

We can be contacted through Email (yusif@2helixmedia.com), Social Media (Upstate Plus & Double Helix Media), and if you join our mailing list, you can keep up with us.

Feel free to look around at our work. Or make an Inquiry about our services. We Love what we do for YOU.